Running Title: Discovering Science in Astrology

Astrology and Astrologers have existed since the dawn of human civilization. With empirical correlations, Astrology has enjoyed more than its share of importance among masses.

As a subject of interest, Astrology does have a large number of time tested planetary positions and combinations which clearly shows the effect of planets on human life as a whole. However, Astrology has failed statistically in few attempts made by Scientists for want of proper astrological criteria and methodology, which the astrologers themselves failed to provide. …

Astrology deals with Planetary influence on human beings. This is possible only if Planets influence the Genetic make-up of the individual. The genes which represent the characteristics of the Planets should be in tune with the Planets at the time of birth of an individual.

Our present scientific knowledge on both Astrology and Genes are still limited. Contemporary Science cannot explain Astrology. Also, Scientists have detected a huge amount of genetic sequences in the human genome, which do not make much sense. They are also termed as‘Junk Genes”. Is it possible that those genes are there representing Planetary influences? …

Life on Exoplanets — An Astrological View

Reports of Exoplanets — Planets outside our Solar System are on the rise currently. Along with it, arises speculations and hypothesis of existence of life on some of these planets which appear to possess Earth — like conditions. For life to exist and evolve, will these conditions of water/atmosphere/rocks/soil and the known laws of evolution by Mendel, Darwin and De Vries, suffice? The answer of an astrologer would be a big ‘NO’.

Since all the planets in our Solar System probably came into existence around the same time as our own Earth, I…

Dr Soundar Divakar

A retired Scientist, researching on Scientific aspects and Naadi System of Indian Astrology. Published two books on Naadi System of Astrology.

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