Life on Exoplanets — An Astrological View

Reports of Exoplanets — Planets outside our Solar System are on the rise currently. Along with it, arises speculations and hypothesis of existence of life on some of these planets which appear to possess Earth — like conditions. For life to exist and evolve, will these conditions of water/atmosphere/rocks/soil and the known laws of evolution by Mendel, Darwin and De Vries, suffice? The answer of an astrologer would be a big ‘NO’.

Since all the planets in our Solar System probably came into existence around the same time as our own Earth, I am of the opinion that the effect of planets on living beings, definitely played a decisive role in evolution. Planets could serve as Lensing Media to focus a force or its equivalent comprising ‘Strings/Super strings/Branes/M/Dark energy components to earth, thus interacting with the genetic make-up of human beings to influence the visible and hidden dimensions of Space and Time of our lives. Each celestial body of our Solar System influences us through defining and bestowing both visible and invisible dimensions like appearance, intelligence, prosperity, fame, diseases, longevity, father, mother, brothers/sisters, wife, children, earnings, losses, gains and so on. Such dimensional variations brings out the differences in lives of not only people but probably also of all the living beings on this planet. Such influences is responsible for the bio-diversity we observe and thus evolution itself.

Real description of the individual planets and their potential to bestow their own dimensional characteristics can be known from any standard book on astrology. It is suffice to mention the following driving forces of these planets (based on the ancient Indian Naadi System of Prediction):

Sun — Will Power ; Jupiter — Life Propeller/Event Indicator (Fortuna Gratia); Saturn — Action/Effort/Drive (Karma); Moon — Changing Nature/Variability/Mind; Venus — Prosperity; Mercury — Skill/Intellect/Creativity; Mars — Energy potentiality/Capacity; North Node — Terminator (Time/Period); South Node — Flag Waver (Time/Period);

Hence, astrologically the following minimum celestial bodies are required in an Exo-Planet containing Solar System:

Karma Promoters : Sun (Luminary), Saturn, Jupiter or Venus ; Karma Manipulators : Moon(Luminary), Mars or Mercury; Karma Obstructers/distracters: Two Nodal points

In Astrological studies Jupiter and Venus and Mars and Mercury somewhat represent similar characteristics. Thus, apart from the two luminaries, Sun and Moon, an earth like planet requires minimum three planets (Saturn, Jupiter/Venus, Mars/Mercury) to be present for sustenance and evolution of life on a planet. Hence, detection of earth like conditions on exoplanets alone will not be sufficient for existence and evolution of life.

We may in the near future, get proof of this phenomenon, when, humanity colonizes Mars and Moon. If Mars is colonized it would have the effect of two Moons — Phobos and Deimos- and the associated four nodes — besides the effect of Earth, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and outer Saturnine planets — Uranus, Neptune and probably Pluto.

Soundar Divakar

A retired Scientist, researching on Scientific aspects and Naadi System of Indian Astrology. Published two books on Naadi System of Astrology.